Crisis Communications

This course looks at some of the key elements for communicating in a crisis, covering key issues such as: the key messages that you will need to spread; the communications planning process; and some specific issues related to the media. The course gives an overview for managing communications during a crisis; it is not a …

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GDPR and Data Protection

This course gives an introduction to the requirements of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. It is designed for owners of SMEs, and for general management, as well as those who have responsibility for Information Security within a business.

Loggist Training

Log-keeping is a fundamental part of incident management, yet is often overlooked, with little training for those who are required to fulfil the role. This course has been developed to help Loggists have a better understanding of the role, and to enable them to be better equipped to maintain an effective log during an incident. …

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Travel Safety

A joint Cambridge Risk Solutions – Objective Travel Safety course Our travel safety course is designed to help the traveller maximise his or her travel opportunities. This short course provides a guide for both the traveller and those organising overseas assignments as to how best to minimise risks abroad by being adequately prepared before travel …

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Introduction to Crisis Management

 Welcome to the Introduction to Crisis Management course. In this course, we will look at: – the Nature of Crises;– Planning for Crises;– How to manage a crisis; and– Training for a crisis. As ever with our courses, this course consists of a short, animated videos, each followed by a couple of questions to confirm …

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Introduction to Information Security

This is a basic introductory course that explains the fundamental principles of Information Security. Covering key aspects, such as:– Confidentiality;– Integrity; and– Awareness;this course introduces some of the key aspects that members of staff need to consider. The course also gives examples to highlight how staff can help protect themselves and their organisation, as well …

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Introduction to Data Protection

This course is a general introduction to data protection, and is ideal for awareness training for all members of staff. The course considers the implications, in terms of GDPR compliance and the potential impact on businesses, of failure to comply with data protection requirements. The course then addresses some simple principles for the use, storage …

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