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Log-keeping is a fundamental part of incident management, yet is often overlooked, with little training for those who are required to fulfil the role. This course has been developed to help Loggists have a better understanding of the role, and to enable them to be better equipped to maintain an effective log during an incident. This course is also useful for Incident Managers to give them a better understanding of the role of a Loggist, and the nature of the support that the Loggist should provide.

This first Module of the Loggist training will enable delegates to learn about the importance of maintaining an accurate log during an incident, and understand the role of the loggist within an Incident Management Team.

This training will include guidance and definitions taken from:

ISO 22313: 2012 Security and resilience — Business continuity management systems — Guidance on the use of ISO 22301
BS 11200: 2014 Crisis management. Guidance and good practice
Emergency Response and Recovery (2012)
ATOC Guidance Note – Logging and Loggists (2016)

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