What Is

Crisis Management?

Crisis Management planning, training and exercises explained!

Crises arise from many different causes, but recent examples such as the Covid-19 pandemic, severe weather events and numerous high-profile ransomware attacks; have once again demonstrated the severe consequences of a crisis for the organisation itself and its stakeholders.

“Crisis Management” is an organisational capability which includes detecting and responding to incidents in a timely fashion; and communicating effectively with stakeholders.

It is essential for organisations to develop and maintain a crisis management capability, in order to minimise the likelihood of crises occurring and to manage them effectively should they occur.

Practical guidance on developing a crisis management capability is contained in BS 11200:2014 Crisis Management – Guidance and Good Practice.

Crisis Management Planning

An “Incident Response Plan” is an integral part of any BCM plan. But some clients don’t want to carry out a full BCM programme, so we work with them to develop specific guidance for managing an incident such as:

  • Roles and responsibilities;
  • Staff welfare procedures; and
  • Communications processes.

Crisis Management Training

Our crisis management training is designed specifically to help incident management teams to develop their crisis management capability, both individually and collectively. Our training takes many different formats including executive briefings, presentations and workshops. As well as general crisis management training, we also offer specific courses in crisis communications and log-keeping.

Read more about all the different types of training offered.

Crisis Management Exercises

Once the appropriate training has been completed, each team will need to further develop their crisis management capability by taking part in appropriate exercises.

Desktop exercises are extremely effective in, raising individual awareness of the business continuity plans, helping an individual to better understand their role within the incident management team and identifying any areas for improvement in the business continuity plan. Ultimately, organisations should aspire to progress to more challenging command and simulation exercises.

We are happy to answer any questions about Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Information Security, Data Protection and Product Recalls.

How Can Cambridge Risk Solutions Help?

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