Crisis Management Training Case Study

The Client

Over a period of three months, Cambridge Risk Solutions worked with an entire ‘Health Economy’ – including a Primary Care Trust, two Acute Trusts and a Mental Health Trust – to improve their ability to respond to disruptions.

The Solution

The programme began with a half-day training course for each Trust to introduce members of the Incident Management Team to the principles of Crisis Management.

This was quickly followed by a half-day ‘desktop’ exercise for each team to reinforce learning.

Once these activities were completed we began planning the main event: a one-day exercise involving all four Trusts.

The aim of this exercise was both to practise each Trust in dealing with disruption; and to see how effectively they could work together.

On the day of the exercise, each Incident Management Team convened in its own location with communication by ‘phone to the other teams and the Ambulance Service.

The result was a lively and challenging exercise that identified a number of ways in which both individual responses and coordination between Trusts could be improved.

How Can Cambridge Risk Solutions Help?

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